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Animation Basics, breaking of joints 26-09-14

Today we were practising animating a joint movement, a fist slamming a table. The principal was that the forearm is just a secondary action to the upper arm, and the fist also follows the movement from the forearm. Added the flower pot for fun.

I know it was just for fun but the flower pot really adds a lot and speaks volumes about the solidity of the impact.

princess-of-the-spooky-kingdom asked:

Hey Dusty, what you think about this year Saxxy Awards?


Ultimately I loved all the entries that made it in. I was actually really touched by Defect; got the endearing character pulling me in straight off the bat. I’m so happy Cubey won something because I personally found it lovely! Super original and sweet.

I loved actually getting to be apart of it (in a more active way) this year! I’m hoping it’ll be the case for next year too :> Everyone worked hard and did a great job given the short time frame to work in and it’s always awesome to see what the community is capable of working together. :D


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